Welcome to the Eastleigh Fusion Choir website.  Here you will find the latest information about our wonderful choir, what’s on, what charity we are raising money for and any other information that might be of interest.

We are a community of singers who sing for the sheer enjoyment of singing.  We also perform and raise money for local charities and good causes, but if you would rather not perform that is fine with us.  There can be nothing more enjoyable and uplifting than to meet every week to sing great songs along to fabulous music with wonderful people – that’s what we do at the Eastleigh Fusion Choir, and everyone is welcome.

We meet at:

St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Blenheim Road, Eastleigh SO50 5SD.

Every Tuesday evening 7.30pm-9.30pm, doors open at 7.15pm-7.25pm

£5.50 per session


Looking for a daytime choir: See: www.winchesterfusionchoir.co.uk

Why you should join our choir – there are health and social benefits to singing in a choir – read the article below.


Ongoing – Over £5,000 raised for Liver and Pancreatic Cancer R&D Charity based at Southampton Hospital
2015 – £6,500 raised for local charities and worthy causes
2016 – £5,000 raised for local charities and worthy causes
2017  – 
£1,000 raised for 2 million steps appeal
             – £1,860 for Liver and Pancreatic Research Charity
             – £1,115 for Alzheimers Society and local Dementia Group

  • ‘Music is so powerful it needs to be used for some kind of redeeming work – to lift people’s spirits, lift their souls.’ Bobby McFerrin.
  • ‘I don’t sing because I’m happy. I’m happy because I sing.’ William James, philosopher and psychologist.