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Just got home from the Mayor’s concert and want to say – well done EFC – we were simply brilliant tonight, and with such technical challenges too, next time I’ll take my boogy-box!  The sound guys were certainly challenged but we weren’t – we just sang fantastically and the Mayor and audience seemed to love it.  Such a great evening.  Well done.

Our next event.

Space For Peace

Wednesday, 20th November 2013

Rev Professor June Boyce Tillman, from Space for Peace at Winchester Cathedral, which was stunning earlier this year, has invited us to be part of Space for Peace at the Hindu Vedic Temple in Southampton, on Wednesday, 20th November 2013.  It starts at 7pm and she has asked us to be there for 6pm or thereabouts – this will be confirmed later, and we will start getting ready for this as soon as I know what they want us to sing.  It is the first time for Space for Peace at the Hindu Temple, and how lovely to be invited.

We are not doing the Pumpkin event in October, if you have it in your diary please remove it….maybe next year.


Mardi Gras

Well done EFC – we were brilliant once again.  Fantastic stuff and the rain stayed away and it was great.

Thank You Email to EFC

My Dear Marie,
Would you be so kind as to copy this message to everyone for me?
The comments I have had from so many people are really heartening,
the Eastleigh Fusion Choir were wonderful, and I am so grateful you opened the
concert with such fun, beautifully performed pieces, my boss
just can’t get over it!!! Please say a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone
from us all here, we were thrilled.
The young lady from Hunters Moon is fine, she hurt a ligament
and they all got home safely today.
Please send my love to everyone and thank you again.
LOTS of people wish to know if we will do it again next year,
are you ‘in’ if we do!?
Lots of love,

Winchester University

Friday, 1st March 2013


A couple of us are meeting to chat, test the acoustics, coffee facilities and have a wee sing. It’s to discuss ideas for a singing group, meeting on a Friday from 1.30-3.00pm at the Milner Hall, St Peter Street, Winchester. So this Friday, 1st March, I have taken the Milner Hall. You are very welcome to come and sing, chat, have coffee, give ideas. It’s very small and informal and all are welcome.

Much love


Friday, 1st March 2013
Milner Hall
St Peter Street
(Opposite the Winchester discovery centre, beside St Peter’s church, the Milner Hall is tucked away to the right – it’s an old church)
Marie O’ Brien
01962 862324
Mobile 07732 399464