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Hello new website

Welcome to the new EFC website – we just need the name and to get all the areas fine-tuned. It’s not quite ready yet but getting there.

Thank you to Stefanie who has put a lot of work into planning, developing and bringing this new website to life. Stefanie has now returned to Germany but hopefully will be back with us very soon. She will continue to develop the website and oversee all the unknowns that crop up.

I also want to thank Dave and Charlotte for all the time and work put into developing an earlier website, which has been dormant as we couldn’t get a members page, and for the encouragement and support to get on with it!

Stefanie joined the choir and offered to develop a website with a member’s page, a definite requirement. She set about doing just that – and suddenly Stefanie had the prototype prepared and ready to be viewed. Thank you Stefanie for all the time, effort and kindness spent on the EFC choir – we very much appreciate your wonderful talent and support. We’ve still got a wee bit to go so bear with us – we are getting there.

Please comment – if you like, don’t like, think something needs amending etc. Feel free to comment, we want to get this site right.