Tuesday the 21st April 2009 saw the birth of the Eastleigh Fusion Choir.  This is a mixed choir in the broadest sense of the word.

  • No Auditions.
  • No Choreography.
  • No previous experience or knowledge of music theory necessary.
  • All parts mainly taught by ear.

We have a diverse repertoire of songs. We sing a wide variety of music and suggestions for new songs are always welcome.

The choir is led by Marie O’Brien BCA who sang with the choir before becoming the musical director and choir leader.  Marie was recently awarded a British Citizen Award for Service to the Arts for the choirs.

We sing for the sheer enjoyment of singing.  We also perform and raise money for local charities and good causes, but if you would rather not perform that is fine with us.  There can be nothing more enjoyable and uplifting than to meet every week to sing great songs along to fabulous music with wonderful people – that’s what we do at the Eastleigh Fusion Choir, and everyone is welcome.

See also – www.winchesterfusionchoir.co.uk