Do you remember Lawrence?

Do you remember Lawrence, an elderly gentleman with handlebar moustache?

Lawrence sang with us for a few months.  I met with Lawrence regularly.  He was one of the most fascinating elderly gentlemen that one could meet. He wasn’t really into singing but wanted to be part of the choir because I spoke about it.  I last saw Lawrence on the 30th June, the day before my holiday. On my return from holiday we had planned to meet, he did not show up. Lawrence died while I was away and his funeral was on Wednesday, 5th August in Winchester.  Thank you to Liam, Jules and Chris for being at the funeral.  Lawrence had no family. I believe he has two nephews but there was no contact.  May Lawrence rest in peace.

Here is Lawrence talking about his life work – a fitting tribute to a great man.

5 thoughts on “Do you remember Lawrence?

  1. Having just discovered his passing I am quite gutted. A gentle, intelligent and remarkable man who I chatted to when I could.

    I was meaning to ask last week if you’d heard from him lately only to discover the sad news.

    If I’d known I’d have gone to the funeral with you Marie.


    RIP Lawrence XxX

    1. Kev, it would have been lovely to have had you with us at the funeral. I did a little tribute to him – Liam, Chris and Jules came. Jules often spoke to him and it was great to have her there complete with a beautiful rose – he loved roses – as it was Liam, who knew him and Chris who was really touched by his story. I helped clear out his flat yesterday – and was absolutely touched by the remarkably intelligent and generous man that he was. RIP Lawrence – so glad you knew him.


  2. I remember him from when I first came to choir, although it was soon after that he left I think. Sad to hear of his passing and that he had no family to speak of. May he be singing loud with the angels xxxx

    1. When did you start coming to choir? I think he sang with us 2012 and he came along to the Mela and other events too……would that be right? X

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